“Work-child balance: working mothers in finance – is it possible??

Reconciling work and family is still a big issue, especially for mothers. In today’s workplace, employees are expected to be flexible and engaged. But what about when life begins as a working mother??

Finance is a demanding industry where long working hours and high performance requirements are part of everyday life. But even here, there are many mothers who want to pursue their careers. However, how can they manage the balancing act between career and family??

In this article, we will explore how working mothers in finance navigate the challenges and how employers can help facilitate a better work-child balance.

The challenges of balancing work and children

Working mothers in finance face a variety of challenges in balancing work and family life. One of the biggest challenges is finding the right job with flexible hours and optional home office to have enough time to raise and care for children.

At the same time, these mothers often also have to deal with prejudice and discrimination in the workplace because of their role as a mother and the responsibilities that come with it. Here, it’s important for employers to create an open and supportive work environment that takes mothers’ needs into account.

Other challenges lie in organizing everyday family life, finding suitable childcare options and raising children in general. Here, it’s important that working moms aren’t afraid to ask for support and network with other moms who are in similar situations.

  • Flexibility in working hours and home office
  • Dealing with bias and discrimination in the workplace
  • Organizing daily family life and finding childcare options

Ultimately, balancing work and children is a challenge for every parent, regardless of profession. It takes patience, compromise and good organization to balance these two important areas of life. However, employers and society in general also have a role to play in ensuring that work and family are not insurmountable obstacles.

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