The 10 best-paid professions in germany in 2018

“Work for the sake of bread works out food for our bodies, but work for the sake of work works out growth for our minds.” – M. K. Soni
There are professions that pay better than others – this is now a well-known fact. Would you like to know which professions in Germany were the best paid in 2018? Here is the list of the 10 highest paid professions in Germany, which may help you make an informed decision about your career.
The pay of a job depends on several factors, including the industry you work in, the experience you bring to the job, and your educational background. In this list, you will find professions that are the best paid on average, based on 2018 data.

Doctors: a vivid example of one of the best-paid professions in Germany

Doctors are among the top earners in Germany, making them a good indicator of the highest-paid professions in the country. According to a 2018 study, physicians have an average salary of about 110.000 euros per year. This is not only because medical professionals have to go through a long training period, but also because of the high level of responsibility they bear.

However, not all physicians earn the same. For example, medical specialists who specialize in certain areas earn more, on average, than general practitioners. The size and location of the practice, as well as the doctor’s specialization, can also affect salary.

  • Medical practices differ on salaries
  • There are also differences between physicians who work in a clinic or in a medical practice. Typically, hospitalists earn more than office-based physicians due to more difficult working conditions and longer hours.

Working as a doctor requires many skills and a high level of responsibility. Doctors need to have above-average skills in science and math to do their jobs successfully. The ability to work quickly and accurately is also critical, especially in emergency situations.

Although working as a doctor presents many challenges, it is still one of the most respected and lucrative careers in Germany. It is important to note, however, that salary should not be the only criterion for choosing a profession. Ultimately, each career should be tailored to individual interests and abilities.

IT experts: Germany’s top earners

IT experts are more in demand than ever. In today’s digital world, they are essential for businesses to stay competitive. The services they provide are invaluable to companies.

IT specialists enjoy particularly high pay. It is no secret that they are on the top of the current list of the best paid professions in Germany. With an average annual salary of around 80.000 euros, IT experts are absolute top earners.

  • Software developers
  • IT Manager
  • Data Scientist

In addition to traditional IT jobs, there are also specialists who specialize in a particular niche. These professionals are often particularly scarce and, accordingly, can negotiate higher salaries. Blockchain developers or artificial intelligence experts, for example, have been in particularly high demand for several years now.

But there are also good earning opportunities for entry-level employees in the IT industry. The starting salary is not as high as that of seasoned professionals, but it is still around 45.000 to 50.000 per year, thus offering an attractive income for young professionals.

Lawyers: one of Germany’s best-paid professions in 2018

Lawyers, i.e. attorneys and notaries, are among the highest paid professions in Germany. They earn on average 105.000 euros per year and thus take fifth place on the list of the top 10 best-paid professions in Germany in 2018. The profession requires a law degree and successful admission as a lawyer or notary public.

Some of the highest paid lawyers practice in specialized areas of law, such as tax law, employment law, and medical law. These specialists often earn even higher salaries because they are rarer and have a higher level of expertise. In addition, lawyers and notaries in large, international law firms may also receive higher salaries because they often handle complex cases and work with international clients.

The legal profession requires not only a sound technical knowledge, but also a high level of resilience and negotiating skills. Lawyers need to understand complex laws and be able to explain them in simple terms. They also often have to make difficult decisions and represent their clients in court.

  • Advantages:
  • High salaries
  • Good career opportunities
  • Exciting and varied work
  • High social recognition
  1. Disadvantages:
  2. Long working hours and high work pressure
  3. High level of responsibility to clients
  4. Stressful conflict situations
  5. Extensive requirements for professional competence

Overall, the legal profession is one of the most respected and versatile professions in Germany. Lawyers often work in prestigious law firms and have the opportunity to develop their career in different directions, such as auditing, public service or international organizations.

Engineers: career prospects and salaries in Germany

Engineers are among the best paid professions in Germany. There is a high demand for skilled workers in the fields of mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, information technology and construction. Engineers work in many industries, from automotive to renewable energy.

On average, engineers earn an annual salary of around 65.000 euros. Depending on the industry they work in, however, salaries can vary greatly. For example, engineers in the aerospace industry earn an average of 85.000 euros per year, while their counterparts in the food industry earn around 55.000 euros earned.

The engineering profession has good job prospects, as demand for skilled workers in the aforementioned fields remains high. Digitalization will continue to change the various engineering disciplines and the profession will encounter new demands and challenges in the future.

  • 65.000 euros is the average salary of an engineer in Germany.
  • Depending on the industry they work in, however, salaries can vary widely.
  • Engineering professions have good career prospects.

In summary, engineers are one of the best paid and most sought-after professions in Germany. With their skills and knowledge, they make an important contribution to the country’s economy and have good prospects for a successful career.

Consulting at the highest level: management consultants at the top of Germany’s best-paid professions 2018

Management consultants are always called in when complex corporate processes need to be analyzed and optimized. The fact that this occupation is in high demand is also reflected in the salary statistics. According to a survey by the portal “” In 2018, management consultants ranked third among the best-paid professions in Germany.

Those working as management consultants can expect an average annual salary of around 94.000 euros. Consultants specializing in IT, finance or strategy are particularly in demand. But there is also an increasing demand for experts in the fields of organizational development and change management.

Another interesting finding from the salary statistics is that management consulting is still a male domain. Male consultants, for example, earn on average around 19 percent more than their female colleagues. One reason for this may be the gender pay gap that still exists, i.e. an unjustified wage gap between men and women.

  • Conclusion: Anyone interested in a career as a management consultant can expect an attractive salary and interesting tasks. However, it is also important to realize that it is not a job for everyone. You need a high level of analytical ability, assertiveness and flexibility to be successful in this field.

Pharmacists: Are they among the best-paid professions in Germany 2018?

Pharmacists are an important occupational group in the healthcare sector, usually involved in the production and testing of medicines. But are they also among the best-paid professions in Germany in 2018?

According to recent studies, the average salary for pharmacists in Germany is indeed very attractive. On average, these professionals earn between 50.000 and 65.000 euros gross per year, depending on experience and specialization.

  • Pharmacists working in the pharmaceutical industry tend to earn the most.
  • Pharmacists who work in research and development can also hope for an above-average salary.
  • In public pharmacies, on the other hand, the salary is generally lower, but still more attractive than the average salary in Germany.

But the high salary for pharmacists does not come by chance. This is mainly due to the fact that their work is very demanding and responsible. They have to work very precisely and must not make any mistakes, as this can often have serious consequences for the health of patients.

So overall, being a pharmacist is definitely a profession with future prospects and good earning potential. Those who have completed training in this field can therefore consider themselves lucky.

Architects – creativity meets technology

Architects are among the most creative professions in Germany. They design buildings that are not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing. However, they have to comply with many specifications, such as building laws and energy standards. Architects must therefore not only be imaginative, but also have technical understanding and craftsmanship skills.

The profession of architect is one of the best-paid professions in Germany. In 2018, the average salary is 73.000 euros gross per year. However, it strongly depends on the professional experience and the specialization. Architects who specialize in the construction of large projects or listed buildings, for example, often earn more than their colleagues.

  • Architecture is more than just designing buildings
  • The field of work is broad and offers many opportunities for specialization
  • Best-paid architects often have many years of professional experience or a particular specialization
  • Creativity and technical understanding are essential for the profession

In addition to creativity and technical understanding, an architect must also have a high level of social competence. He must be able to reconcile the wishes of the client with the requirements of the building permit authority. Communicating with other tradesmen and construction companies is also part of the architect’s job description.

Architects are thus responsible not only for the external appearance of a building, but also for its usability and functionality. A profession with a high level of responsibility, but one that also entails high pay.

The best-paid professions in Germany 2018

Accountants have an important place in the list of the best paid professions in Germany for 2018. As experts in finance, they are responsible for auditing accounting records and monitoring a company’s financial activities. They also play an important role in developing business strategies to support a company’s growth and success. Certified public accountants benefit from their skills and experience to earn a high income, making them one of the top earners in Germany.

Doctors and dentists also occupy an important place on the list of the best-paid professions in Germany for 2018. These professions require a high level of expertise and commitment to ensure the health and well-being of patients. Doctors can work in a variety of settings, such as hospitals or private practice, and earn a very good income.

Management consultants and IT experts are also among the highest paid professions in Germany for 2018. Business consultants help companies develop strategies and solutions to improve their business operations, while IT professionals help develop and implement information technologies and solutions for businesses and organizations.

  • Certified Public Accountant
  • Doctors and dentists
  • Management consultants
  • IT experts

The top earners in Germany tend to have excellent skills, in-depth knowledge and years of experience in their specialized field. They also receive a large number of perks and benefits depending on the industry they work in.

Overall, Germany is a country that offers a wide range of opportunities for highly skilled professionals to earn a high income. It is important for young professionals and employees in Germany to continuously improve their skills and expand their knowledge and experience through training and education in order to compete and build a successful career.

Professions with the highest salaries in Germany in 2018

Pilots are known to be leaders in the aviation industry and are among the highest paid professions in Germany. However, the salary of a pilot varies greatly depending on the airline, experience and aircraft type. An experienced pilot can earn a gross monthly salary of up to 15.Earn €000, making it one of the highest paid professions in Germany.

Becoming a pilot requires extensive and demanding training. Requirements include a degree in aerospace or comparable engineering, flight training with several hundred hours of flight time, and a medical clearance. Pilots must be able to control the aircraft in a safe and efficient manner and handle difficult situations.

To meet the high demands, it is important that prospective pilots have a high level of physical and mental fitness. The training is therefore demanding and requires a lot of discipline and perseverance. However, those who successfully complete their training have a good chance of entering the pilot profession and can expect a high salary.

  • With an experience bonus of about ten percent and a gross monthly salary of 11.000 to 15.000 euros, pilots are among the best-paid professions in Germany.
  • To work as a pilot, applicants must undergo demanding training and demonstrate a high level of physical and mental fitness.
  • Due to the high requirements, the training for prospective pilots is very demanding and requires discipline and stamina.

Source: Statista, 2018.

Financial analysts as one of the best paid professions in Germany

Financial analysts are among the best paid professions in Germany. This occupational group is responsible for evaluating and analyzing financial data and information. Financial analysts use data to predict market trends and growth opportunities to support investment decisions. The demand for financial analysts is steadily increasing as companies place more and more importance on well-thought-out financial planning.

The average salary of a financial analyst in Germany is approx. 60.000 to 80.000 euros per year. However, depending on experience, knowledge and skills, the salary can also be significantly higher. In addition, many companies have attractive bonus and reward programs that can add to the salary.

  • Requirements for a career as a financial analyst
  • A degree related to finance is usually required. In addition, a good knowledge of mathematics and statistics is important.
  • Practical experience in the financial sector is a great advantage.
  • A good understanding of economics, politics and society is also an advantage.

Financial analysts often work in banks, financial institutions, insurance companies or investment funds. Depending on the employer, they also often work closely with executives and investors. Those interested in working in the financial industry should consider the possibility of a career as a financial analyst.

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