New energy through debt rescheduling: switch credit and save

Many people are familiar with the problem: current loans are a considerable burden on the monthly budget. Debt restructuring can be a sensible alternative to regain financial freedom. A debt restructuring means that an existing loan is paid off and replaced by a new one, which often has much more favorable conditions. In this article, you will learn how you can gain new financial strength by switching loans.

In addition to financial relief, there are also other advantages to debt restructuring. By consolidating multiple loans, you can also reduce your monthly burden and thus increase your budgetary flexibility. In addition, the term of the new loan is often extended, which can lead to further relief.

A debt restructuring can also be used to get rid of expensive old debts. For example, rescheduling may allow you to pay off an expensive overdraft or a high-interest loan at a lower interest rate. This can save a lot of money in the long term.

With a debt restructuring, you can therefore not only be relieved financially in the short term, but also achieve long-term savings. Inform yourself thoroughly about the options and conditions to find the best possible solution for your individual situation.

Debt rescheduling: Explanation of terms

Rescheduling is a term from the financial world that describes the conversion of an existing loan into a new loan at better conditions. This may involve a change of lender or a change of loan type. The goal of debt restructuring is to reduce the monthly burden and ultimately save money.

A reason for a debt restructuring can be, for example, that the borrower gets better interest rates at another credit institution and thus a more favorable financing option. Especially in the case of long-term credit agreements, a debt restructuring can be useful to increase the financial leeway and thus build up financial reserves.

If a borrower decides to reschedule the loan, he usually has to pay an early repayment penalty to the old credit institution. This becomes due because the old loan is paid off early. However, these costs should be taken into account when considering whether debt restructuring makes sense.

Advantages of debt restructuring

  • Savings on interest
  • Reduction of the monthly credit burden
  • Financial leeway is expanded
  • Possibility of changing the term and type of loan


Debt rescheduling can be a sensible option for saving on financing costs and increasing financial leeway. Before making a decision, however, it should be carefully considered whether the compensation and switching costs outweigh the financial benefits. Consulting with an independent financial advisor can help make the best decision in this regard.

Introduction to debt restructuring

Debt rescheduling is a financing option used by many people to improve their credit bill. Rescheduling also offers the opportunity to change the loan from a higher interest rate to a lower interest rate, which can lead to a reduction in monthly installment payments.

Essentially, debt restructuring works by taking out a new loan to pay off the original debt. This is possible in many cases by taking advantage of lower interest rates and longer terms with the new loan, providing financial relief.

There are some factors that should be taken into account when deciding to reschedule the loan, such as comparing loan interest rates, the difference in fees, possible negative consequences on the credit score, and possibly also the terms of the contract.

  • Reducing rates: When rescheduling at a lower interest rate, installments can be reduced.
  • New contract terms: When rescheduling debt, you can also agree on a longer term or new contract terms.

If one decides to undertake a debt restructuring, it is advisable to seek professional financial advice to ensure that the debt restructuring provides the best results.

Everything you should know about debt restructuring options

If you find yourself in a financially difficult situation, switching loans can be a good option to get your finances moving again. Debt restructuring options come in a few forms, depending on the type of loan you have and the terms you’re looking for.

One possibility is the rescheduling of installment loans. This involves taking out a new loan to pay off the old one. The goal is to save on monthly installment payments or shorten the term of the loan due to the lower interest rates of the new loan. Another option is the rescheduling of credit card purchases. This involves taking out a loan to pay off credit card debt. Again, the goal here is to provide relief through lower interest rates.

A third option is to reschedule construction loans. This involves taking out a new construction loan to pay off the old one. The goal here is to achieve savings through lower interest rates or to lower monthly installment payments. Especially in the case of construction financing, it is often worthwhile to closely compare the various loan offers, as the money saved here can be particularly high due to lower interest rates.

However, when rescheduling debt, one should always weigh the costs and benefits and be well-informed. If necessary, a consultation with a financial expert can also help to find the best option. In any case, however, debt restructuring can be a good way to get your finances moving again.

  • Summary: Rescheduling a loan can save on installments or shorten the term due to lower interest rates.
  • Tip: A consultation with a financial expert can help to find the best option.

Debt rescheduling: change credit for new momentum

Who does not dream of being debt free? Credit is essential for many people to make major purchases or cover unforeseen expenses. But sometimes too many loans lead to a financial burden and it becomes difficult to pay all installments on time. In this case, a debt restructuring is an option – but is it the best decision??

In a debt restructuring, an existing loan is replaced by a new one. This often allows interest to be saved or a longer term to be agreed, resulting in a lower monthly rate. But rescheduling does not always make sense. Additional processing fees and prepayment penalties can make the total amount higher than if the old loan is kept the same.

New energy through debt rescheduling: switch credit and save

It is therefore important to inform yourself well and compare offers carefully before rescheduling your debt. From the rapid and ill-considered change of the loan should be refrained from in any case. However, when all factors are considered, debt restructuring can be a great way to create financial breathing room and jumpstart your finances.

  • Advantages of debt rescheduling are:
  • Reduce the monthly installment
  • Interest savings
  • Combining several loans into one
New energy through debt rescheduling: switch credit and save
  1. Disadvantages of a debt restructuring are:
  1. Processing fees and prepayment penalties may apply
  2. Total costs may be higher than if you keep the old loan


Monthly rate

10% 5%
5 years 7 years
200€ 150€

In any case, it is advisable to seek advice from the bank or an independent financial advisor before rescheduling a loan. This way, all factors can be taken into account and the best decision can be made.


After a debt restructuring, a borrower can bring new momentum to his finances. This can happen through lower interest rates and installments, but also through a better overview of the financial situation. However, one should inform oneself well beforehand and compare to find the best offer.

An important factor in debt restructuring is the borrower’s credit rating and the term of the new loan. A longer term may result in lower rates, but higher costs overall. Therefore, you should carefully consider which offer best suits your needs.

  • A comparison of the different offers
  • Checking your own creditworthiness and financial situation
  • Realistic assessment of the term of the new loan
  • Considered decision for the best offer

Overall, a debt restructuring can be an important step towards a stable financial situation. However, it is important to be well informed and to make a wise decision.

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